6 Ways Your Stale Website Could Be Costing You Money

May 22 2015

2012/04/12 Lische

Would you continue to buy the newspaper if it ran the same news stories day after day?

Would you continue to visit your favorite news website if the stories were never updated?

Would you continue to use Facebook if your news feed never changed?

Then why would a visitor to your website ever come back if your site doesn’t deliver anything new or valuable?

They’ve seen everything. You obviously have nothing new to offer, so there’s no point. It’s just a waste of their time.

This only scratches the surface of the costly damage that can be done by failing to update your website and letting it become stale. Here are six ways that old website is leaving money on the table.

1) Lower Search Rankings

A stale website isn’t just bad for repeat visitors. It makes it difficult for people to find your site in the first place.

Google loves fresh, relevant content. Websites that are never updated, regardless of how keyword-rich they may be, won’t rank highly for an extended period of time.

If you’re running a pay-per-click advertising campaign, a stale website could also affect the ranking you receive. A weak user experience will factor into your quality score, which we discussed in a recent post, and make the Google gods unhappy.

2) Outdated Information

Suppose you quoted research from five years ago because it supported your case about why someone should do business with you.

Did you realize the first iPads were introduced five years ago? Yes, the world has changed quite a bit since then. So should your website.

Outdated gives the perception that you’re not on top of the latest trends or aware of the latest data. It can also show laziness. None of these characteristics will inspire confidence or trust.

By the way, what kind of impression are you making in 2015 when your website says “©2012” at the bottom of each page?

3) Lack of Brand Consistency

We’ve spoken previously about the importance of brand consistency. (add link when posted) If the look, feel and information on your website – your company’s online headquarters – isn’t consistent with your new print collateral and social profiles, you create questions for visitors – questions that delay or even kill the sale.

4) Bad Links

If you haven’t updated your website in a while, the internal links should still be working. But if your website has external links, these need to be checked regularly.

Nothing frustrates a website visitor like a bad link that causes an error message or doesn’t take them to the right page.

5) Missed Updates

Plugins are updated regularly. Themes are updated regularly. These updates are intended to fix bugs that detract from the user experience, improve your website’s performance, and make your site easier to maintain and manage.

When you don’t stay on top of these updates, users will continue to deal with the same issues that could have been corrected with the push of a button. Failure to update could also leave your company and customers vulnerable to cybercrimes that security patches are designed to prevent.

6) Shaky Mobile Performance

Mobile browsing, mobile application usage, mobile search and mobile shopping are all increasing sharply. If your website doesn’t use responsive design, which means the site automatically adapts to varying screen sizes and orientations, you’re making it difficult for visitors to use your site on mobile devices.

Research has shown that two-thirds of mobile visitors who find your website lacking in mobile “friendliness” will never be back.

The world has gone mobile. It’s time for your stale website to catch up.

If your website needs a refresh or you just don’t have time to manage and update the site yourself, we can help. Call 732-229-7100 or email mike@shorecreativegroup.com to schedule a free consultation.



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