How to Make Facebook Marketing Work for Your Business

Feb 19 2015


For years, small business owners have been working feverishly to grow their fan base on Facebook so they could freely share content with them.

During the past two years, Facebook has made it harder and harder to share content with people who, by liking your Facebook business page, indicated that they would like to receive content from you.

How hard has Facebook made it?

Well, if you share a special offer on Facebook today, an average of two to three percent of your fans will actually see it.

Beginning in January of this year, Facebook actually has said that it would show less promotional content in the News Feeds. Business owners have been encouraged to share content that is helpful, useful, relevant and valuable.

In other words, ditch the sales pitches and self-promotion.

What does all of this mean for Facebook marketing?

Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform. If you’re still chasing “likes” with the hope of reaching more people with your content, you’re wasting your time. This has caused many small-to-midsize business (SMB) owners to bail on Facebook.

However, Facebook can still be a valuable marketing tool for Businesses of all sizes.

While organic reach has all but disappeared, Facebook is offering more advertising options with better features and functionality. No longer limited to display ads, advertisers can choose various ad products designed to meet specific business goals, including increased website traffic and conversions, post engagement, page likes, and app installation and engagement.

The number of Facebook mobile users grew 15 percent in 2014, and Facebook offers advertising solutions that allow you reach this highly engaged audience. Mobile is expected to soon become the primary channel for Facebook users – and advertisers.

The Facebook user database is very impressive, and you can target your audience according to things that interest them rather than simple demographic information. Facebook has even experimented with “buy” buttons that allow users to make purchases more quickly.

According to a recent data from Kenshoo, these enhancements are helping advertisers achieve better results. Click-through rates rose by 5.2 times and ROI nearly doubled in 2014 compared to 2013.

For those who are down on Facebook because it’s no longer “free” and direct selling is discouraged, look at it this way.

First, Facebook was never free. It requires an investment of time to create, post and monitor the performance of content. That time has value.

Second, Facebook has never been about hardcore sales and self-promotion. Facebook is about earning someone’s business by being part of the conversation and offering something of value to your audience.

Today, that requires you to advertise. But businesses can advertise on Facebook for as little as $10 per day and see results.

That’s the new Facebook reality. It’s a reality loaded with opportunity for Businesses that can now approach Facebook marketing with a sound, strategic plan.

If you want to learn more about the new Facebook reality and how it can be a profit-building marketing tool, call 732-229-7100 or email to schedule a free consultation.



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